Hellgate Global – First Impressions

The Hellgates are opening once again... This time the world is "open season."

Ok, I’ll admit up front, I’ve not actually played the original Hellgate London that this was built from. I’d seen the adds and talked to friends that did buy it, and there’s lots of articles all over the internet that explain why it died so violently. In essence, the payment model was shit for a shit game with shit graphics; it was just not worth the money they were demanding.The game has since been bought by T3FUN and recently re-released as a F2P MMORPG. Now THIS model fits the game.

I signed up on the website back when the F2P was just entering beta, and regretted wasting my time. It had nothing to do with the game itself; I never got into it. The beta client crashed every time I tried to start it, and that’s not counting the hassle I had just trying to download the damn thing.

It’s now been launched, and I’ve played a few minutes so far; it’s totally worth getting – DO NOT USE THEIR DOWNLOADER! Get the install files via the optional torrent download file; their install downloader is a piece of utter crap. You cannot minimize it, and it is stuck forced to the top above other windows. ALL other windows. It also chokes up your bandwidth and cannot be throttled down. Just get the torrent off their download page instead and ignore their downloader entirely. Oh, and once it’s installed, their updater has a little options button – DON”T TOUCH IT! It crashes the updater & client when it’s clicked.

“But is there any good news?” Damn right there is! The game itself runs beautifully, and I had no server connection issues. The tutorial needs a bit more work in making the explanations of the controls and interface clearer, but the main gameplay was smooth and simple. It wasn’t too hard to figure it out for the most part; anyone who’s played any of the Diablo-style games will recognize a lot of the inventory & skill tree interface controls. The biggest bug I found was the dialogue boxes seem to have been translated to English, and sometime  the translations were clearly not great. I am hopeful that this gets fixed in the coming months, however.

I’ll post more thoughts on it when I have more time to try it out; right now, I have an apartment to finish painting 😛


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