Hellgate Global – Second Impressions

Hellgate Global F2P is not as free as we thought... Close to, but not quite.

Well, first off, I’ll cover the “controversy” that’s been talked about a lot of late: F2P Hellgate is not F2P. This article here was posted recently, and gives a pretty scathing review of this fact alone, though is very unclear on one thing: the price. Apparently, players have free access for nearly everything in the game up until the end of Act 2; for Act 3 and beyond, you’ll need to purchase a “ticket” that unlocks the remaining acts in the game. The price in the in-game store for this ticket is a whopping 4000 coins! I was pretty peeved at such a steep price, but then I realized – I don’t know how much coins are.

I immediately figured that, considering games like Global Agenda charge $20 or more for their account upgrade, coins must be kind of pricey, so I went to the website and took a look at the pricing plans. The smallest denomination you can get is 5000 coins for… wait for it… A whopping $5! How scandalous! …Wait, $5? Seriously? That’s it? That guy who wrote the blog entry I linked to earlier was bitching and moaning at a measly $5? Now, I’m far from being rich (currently unemployed and on government disability while I look for work), but I still say $5 is chump-change. And that’d still leave me with a whole 1000 coins to spend on other in-game items, like the one that allows me to chat on global chat or something else useful.

Seriously, this is not a huge deal, if the game is fun enough to match this price and doesn’t have too many problems, which describes Hellgate Global, right?


Sorry to burst your bubble, but so far this game is barely worth that $4 for the ticket. The graphics are kind of dated now, the text is poorly translated,  and the storyline is almost nonexistent. A lot of game mechanics are poorly implemented, and many are poorly explained, namely the crafting/upgrading system. This isn’t even a true MMO; the maps are supposedly randomely generated, though many of the maps are just a series of 2 or 3 maps randomly selected from a list & thrown into a random order for short, 2 or 3 map missions. It’s kind of fun to grab a bunch of buddies & go blow up random mobs for tons of phat lewt to kill some time, but there’s not enough here to intrigue any average or hardcore player for very long.


2 thoughts on “Hellgate Global – Second Impressions

    • Actually, where the maps and gameplay are concerned, Hellgate is the same stuff whereas WoW and PWE games are regularly trying to add more interesting mechanics and locations all the time. Hellgate just re-hashes the same maps in various order over and over, with no new gameplay styles or options. The new Tokyo expansion, I hope, will change this, but frankly, I’ve not seen any info on it yet and I’m not holding my breath.

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