World of Warcraft – HAHAHAHAHAHAHA… No.

"Trust me, our game is da shiz, d00dzor!"

I don’t think I’ll ever do a serious blog entry dedicated to praising World of Warcrack Warcraft unless they switch to a completely F2P model. I’ve been completely turned off by it now.  The graphics are dated, the gameplay is considered “standard” and they’re not really getting uber creative with the new expansions, outside of some of the story. It’s become boring to me, especially the majority of the community. It is to MMO games what the majority of FPS console gaming has become to consoles – the poster-child of juvenile rudeness. I might hop back in here and there if they produce a game mechanic I’ve not seen done often before, but I don’t forsee anything spectacular coming out of WoW any time soon, even with the upcoming Mists of Pandera. Honestly, they’re like the Apple of the MMO gaming worlds – they didn’t do anything very new, they just improved what someone else did and made it easy for the laman to use. The majority of their players claim to be “hardcore l33t shiz” but most of the time, it’s hot air. They may know WoW well enough, but put them in any other game with truly hardcore gameplay, and they are whining babies.

"Yo, homie, check out my fly threads; I'm so damn pimp..."

Blizzard has apparently been seeing a steady decline of it’s player base. Why? Because better games are coming out on the market and giving it a run for it’s money. Aion, Tera, Rift, STO, SWTOR, etc. – all good, solid games and decent competitors. Will they kill WoW? Hell no. I may dislike WoW for a lot of reasons, but those are only my reasons; the game can be a lot of fun, with the right group of friends, and is a Juggernaut. It’s not going away any time soon, and I think that’s fine. I don’t want to see WoW die; I want to see it improve. I’d love to see a complete overhaul of the graphics engine, keeping a similar art style but massively upgrading textures, modeling detail, shaders, all of it. Do I see WoW continuing to dominate the MMO market in the western world? Nope. It’s had it’s day in the sun, and it’s time for WoW to share the spotlight and the market. I do not ever see it’s numbers dwindling lower than 4 or 5 million players, but I do see other games coming up to match that level of subscriptions, too.

I’ve never been able to get into WoW very much, it just never could hold my attention the way other games have. The quests are kind of dull, and frankly, the community has been elitist and hard for me as a new player to get involved in. Almost all the stuff they have was actually ideas taken from other, lesser known games, and just tweaked or dumbed down then put into WoW. I would not be surprised if they added an in-game marriage mechanic to the game of some kind. You want to know the one thing that really turns me off about WoW? Their unofficial mascot that really embodies the best WoW has to offer as a community.

Goddamn Leeroy fucking Jenkins.

Leeroy fucking Jenkins.

Well, at least he has chicken.

WoW jeapordy Question

...Seriously? This is the best you could come op with, Alex?

This is, I know, not the entire WoW community. But my point is that it is an example of the kind of arrogant stupidity rampant through the game. This is what a lot of people know about WoW. Hell, he was featured in a damn Jeapordy question. It’s what I hate about it, and why I will not pay my hard-earned money to be a part of it. It does not matter how awesome or great the game mechanics are – the community, as a whole, is crap. And MMO gaming is about the community. You can try to argue that it’s about the challenge and the gameplay, but it’s bull, and we both know it. You can get that same challenge from single-player games. You play MMOs for the people. Different games seem to attract different people. WoW, from my experience, attracts more idiots and elitist douche-bags than anything else. RP servers have more ERP than RP, and have more non-RPers than RPers. And I’m an RPer, so why go play on a game with so little decent RP, especially when the non-RPers that overwhelm the game are such pricks? The only things that could make me interested in playing WoW steady is 1) if they went completely F2P and included a system similar to STO’s Dilithium (Guild Wars 2 is implementing a similar system already), and 2) if the graphics engine also received a decent overhaul & upgrade. Frankly, I could even live without the second, as long as the first is there. But at $15 a month, it’s just not got enough bang for my buck, when half the selling point is supposed to be the community, and so far that’s just turned me right off.


2 thoughts on “World of Warcraft – HAHAHAHAHAHAHA… No.

  1. I too am a ex-WoW player. I love the game, it is dated but still a great game and story. What chased me away was the players. So mean, disrespectful and elitists. The “if you are not perfect, you’re stupid” attitude. I couldn’t see paying for a game I was unhappy playing.

    I agree the graphic and gameplay need an overhaul but I don’t think it will ever happen. yes, maybe some slight improvements but an overhaul, no. Because Blizzard understands business, WoW is dated because it is an old game. Blizzard would be better off putting money and time into their new game, Titan then spending more money on an outdated game.
    I love WoW, I do. But even good things come to an end. It’s time for Warcraft to get one more heyday out of Mists of Pandaria then call it quits. Add the expansion then a few more content patches, wait a year and let it go free to play. Titian will be released and the world keeps turning. WoW will never die, it is too great of a game. I’ll open my character back up when it goes free to play. I played for 6 years and there are still things I haven’t done. Heck, people still play Warcraft 3 and that went free to play years ago.

    STWOR being a WoW killer. I don’t think so. I think Star Wars has attracted an entirely different crowd. Some WoW players yes, but 100 percent Star Wars fans. Star Wars players are pleasant. Sure there are the trolls in general chat that pipe up with,”Oh you’re doing that. lol, stupid.” but I’ve noticed, at least on my server, the rude comments are met with silence. No one engages them and when you don’t feed a troll, it goes away.

    I hope you can find a game you like and suits you. Best wishes!

    • Thanks for the comments, Eden; greatly appreciated 🙂

      I agree with a lot of what you say there; the whole thing of putting out the expansion, wait a year (or two), then go F2P. I also agree that SWTOR isn’t a WoW killer; but it IS a WoW competitor. I don’t see it killing WoW, but I do see it and other games giving WoW a good run for it’s money.

      As for finding a game I can call home, that’s Star Trek Online. Since they went F2P, it’s opened up a lot to many people, and they keep making it better and better very quickly. I’m going to invest in a Lifetime Subscription for that game. That will free up some monthly income for me to try out SWTOR seriously as well.

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