WoW – Inching toward F2P?

WoW announced today that, in the new 5.0.4 patch, they are making all races playable for everyone, regardless of which expansion you have. On top of several other changes, including the move to making levels 1 – 20 F2P, it’s looking more and more (to me) that they are going to be shifting to a F2P or Freemium model sometime in the future. They already have a cash shop (though I haven’t checked if it’s in-game or just web only). I’ve been on record as saying I won’t ever play WoW again unless it goes F2P. Honestly, even if it does, I’m not sure I’d play it. With so many triple-A games going F2P, I’m just not sure WoW has enough to make it worth my while over other games. The community on most of the RP servers turned me right off, and the gameplay just isn’t that innovative. I might try it out again and level a toon to max, but the story has just become… Well, old. The grafics would run super smooth on my system, but they’re pretty dated now.

What do you guys think? Does it look like WoW is going F2P, and if so, would that be a good thing? If you’re not a WoW player, would F2P make it worthwhile for you to try out? Why or why not?


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