Sims 3 and Origin – Examples of FAIL

The_Sims_3_Starter_Pack_FAILSo I recently got the Sims 3 starter pack as part of the Humble Origin Bundle. Unfortunately, the damn thing won’t run. I keep getting the same damn error: “There was an error during startup. Please see the Log for more details.”

(click for larger image)

Every. Damn. Time. I’ve done EVERYTHING the support site has said on BOTH my laptop AND my desktop, and BOTH are giving me the same error. I’ve searched everywhere on the internet I can think of and nothing is working. Some of the suggested fixes were absolute bullshit. You want me to reinstall Origin entirely, EA? Seriously?!?! You want em to waste 3 days re-downloading and installing 12 games because you can’t get your shit together and fix a problem with only 1 of them?! I am finding that this same thing has been an issue since 2011. Seriously, EA? 3 f’ing years? After 3 f’ing years, you STILL can’t get this to f’ing work? FAILSAUCE. No wonder you’ve been voted Worst Company in America 2 years running. And considering that title was not limited to the video game industry, that’s saying a hell of a lot.

At this point, I’m disgusted with EA’s support and of the total lack of any real fixes for this issue, especially in all the time that has passed since it became a known issue. I’m doubting I’ll ever buy a Sims game again at this rate.


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