Neverwinter – Community Forum Mod abusing his authority!! Who watches the watchers?!

Since I’ve been unable to find any other way to contact Cryptic about community moderators abusing their authority besides submitting a support question ticket (which you better believe I have already done, BTW), I’m posting here to rant because video game Community Moderators should NOT have the right to bully, ignore, or abuse members of the game community in any way without repercussions!! I have tried posting a legitimate bug report thread twice about the glitch in the AD Exchange. Here’s the most recent post I had made:

ss (2014-06-16 at 04.26.44)

ss (2014-06-16 at 04.34.00)Once again, after posting this, I got a flood of asshole trolls yelling at me that it’s just a crappy economy and totally oblivious to the glitch, AND my refusal to discuss anything but the glitch. Before I could post any replies, though, Community Moderator lewstelamon01 has locked the thread without actually dealing with it!! No discussion, no real information, just “it’s WAI” and the thread is locked. And this was the second time he did that! Excuse me,  lewstelamon01but I’m calling you on your bullshit:

  • why are you ignoring the glitch I post about initially and just lazily blaming it on the economy instead of investigating or discussing it properly?
  • why are you locking the thread without even dealing with the bug itself or actually discussing it like an intelligent and professional Moderator that you are supposed to be?
  • why are you encouraging others to continue harassing me by waiting until half a dozen other forum users have attacked my threads then locking it before any actual discussion about the bug itself can be made?
  • why are you making sure I cannot discuss the bug itself with you and then forcing me to open new threads to actually discuss the issue *that is still not being dealt with?*

To Community Moderator lewstelamon01: if you can’t talk to me about the problem like a human being, then find someone else who will. I’ve already sent a direct message to Cryptic’s support department specifically about your abusing your authority as you have been today. You’re a Community Moderator; stop acting like a dictator and stop ignoring the issue I posted about. Telling me it’s “WAI” doesn’t tell me anything, and it doesn’t mean the discussion is over or that the problem is solved; locking the thread to keep me from saying more about it is a serious abuse of your authority as a community moderator. If you want to tell me I’m being rude to other forum members that are harassing and trolling me and for me to stop, fine; but that’s a totally different discussion and is no reason to close a thread on a legitimate bug report. No, it isn’t just an economic issue! Yes, it is a bug! And closing the thread without any actual discussion is a blatant abuse of your role and your authority!!!

EDIT: I’ve had people tell me I’m just plain wrong, and I’ll tell you right now why I’m gonna tell them they are full of shit. In a game with as huge a player base as Neverwinter, there is absolutely no way at all that not even a single one of those thousands of players would be selling Zen. If no one at all is selling Zen, there’s a huge, major malfunction in the system; either the game is buggy and just not displaying Zen sellers, or the community is fucked and all those people with Zen to sell are douchebag assholes. Both are malfunctions of the game, though just different kinds. Either way, I’m write and there’s a God damn malfunction that HAS to be fixed instead of ignored and brushed off. This also does not condone the bullshit from that moderator whatsoever.

So if you’re going to presume to tell me I’m wrong and tell me to just keep quiet, you can shut the hell up because fuck you; you’re the one who’s wrong.