Returning to Guild Wars 2

guildwars2racesandclass1920x1080-BI admit, after a few weeks of playing Guild Wars 2 at launch, I kind of got bored with it. The gameplay was great, for the most part, but there were some mild annoyances that just made it get… overly repetitive or disjointed. By the time I hit level 53 and found once more that though the Personal Story quest gave a sense of urgency of getting to the next part of it, the game told me I had to first gain another 2 levels before I was the level needed for the next leg of the journey. And it told me both by giving me a little red level requirement by the mission tracker on my HUD, and by handing my ass to me royally seven times before I gave up and decided I had to do as it said. But by then I was burnt out, most of my guild mates were rarely ever on, and when they were on they were 20 levels higher than me and too busy to help me catch up. I just got tired of soloing, and you can read my previous entries about why I don’t do PUGs. So I just stopped playing.

Going back now almost a year or so since I put the game aside, and there’s some nice changes. I remember why I loved the game, and some of those little annoyances have been addressed nicely, though some issues still persist. 

2014-07-12_00001-croppedOne new feature I am loving is the wardrobe collection feature. I am an MMO clothes whore, I admit; I love having different outfits, and love being able to make my character look however I want rather than being stuck with a look I hate just because the stats are what I need. The one thing I don’t like about the new wardrobe collections is that in order to change the appearance, you have to spend transmogrification shards, and those come as extremely rare rewards or are purchased in the gem store. I admit, I understand why they did this; as a F2P MMO, they need to make a steady income somehow, and gems can be bought with either real money or in-game gold; doesn’t mean I have to like it.

2014-06-20_00011The new Journal changes are also greatly appreciated; I missed out on playing the living world story when it first happened, and being able to go back and replay what I missed is awesome. I just hope it turns out to be better written than a lot of the Personal Story quests that take players to max level. I dunno, maybe I expect too much of writers these days? I find myself similarly disappointed with many TV shows and movies that are pretty popular, too. Perhaps I just have too high a standard? I dunno. There were some great parts to the Personal Story that I loved, but other parts just seemed half-assed, and there’s a couple moments where I just don’t understand what’s going on. Like why did one NPC offer me condolences on Tibalt? I don’t recall anything telling me he’d died permanently. If he is, I’ll be pissed; as silly as his character was, he was one of my favorite parts of the personal story.

2014-07-12_00002-StorageThere’s still things I’d like to see improved; the crafting storage, for one. There’s many items that are craftable which are either crafting materials themselves, or can be used as either consumables or as crafting materials in other recipes. These items don’t have any space in the crafting collections storage, though, and I’d like to see that changed. I think they should have their own collection storage, though I’d insist that players have to manually right-click to deposit these items. I don’t want to craft a food item that I decide to use as a consumable rather than just as a crafting material, jsut to have the system automatically dump it into the collections when I deposit all collectibles.

And one thing I never really liked was that there’s not really any places to buy or find most crafting recipes; they are pretty much just found by discovery, unless you use a third-party database outside the game. I don’t mind discovery, but I’m not a fan of when it’s mandatory, and I’m also not a fan of it being mandatory with so many crafting materials either taking up basic inventory/bank space or gathering nodes being as sparse as they are. I want to see either gathering node spawns doubled in number and/or frequency of respawn rate (this will allow me to be using crafting materials up more often and not having half-finished parts of things taking up my inventory spaces as much), or I want more space for storing items that are both consumables and crafting materials.

The one thing I’m still looking for is a decent guild that matches my playstyle, though even describing what my playstyle is can be kind of hard for me. At the least, I’m looking for a PvE guild that likes to RP, explore, gather, craft, and do story missions. If you can suggest a good GW2 guild for me, please do; I don’t know id what server world I’m on matters still, but if it does, i’m on Fort Aspenwood as when the game first launched it was planned to be an RP server.


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