Non-Player Cards on Kickstarter – SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!

Okay, I made this blog to write about video games, but I’m going to go off-topic a little and talk about these beauties right here. As a DM, these are something I’ve kind of made my own version of at home, using percentiles and charts. I’d much rather have these. They’re a fantastic idea!

Some hardcore old-school DMs would tell me it’s silly, because a good DM just has their own list they make up in their own time. Well, you’re wrong. A good GM puts as much time into crafting a fun experience for their players as possible, and with how busy life can be these days, this means a little less time with prep and more time doing other more important things – like getting the cheetos and mountain dew, or attacking the darkness with your magic missile.

This would be right at home with my critical hit deck and my critical fumble deck. It makes planning out NPCs beforehand much less time-consuming, and fleshing out new NPCs on the fly means I’m much better prepared for giving the players more freedom in roleplaying their game. Anything that makes my job as a GM easier while still allowing me to deliver an engaging, fun, and interesting game is definitely a worthwhile investment in my book.

It’s things like this which are why I’m going back to university and fighting for a better career. I’d gladly throw down a few hundred dollars to a project like this if I had the money to spare. It’s this kind of simple yet intuitive innovation we need more of, and that we need to support much more often.


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