APB breaking some of my unspoken mmo “laws”

Well, I’m back to ranting about APB already. Tried it a couple more times and have 2 major, and I mean major, gripes with the game.

The Artificer’s MMO Laws: an MMO should give players in PvP a balanced yet challenging experience with players of approximate equal skill or stats.

The Artificer’s MMO Laws: An MMO’s interface should be simple to use & understand, and/or have some kind of easy to follow instruction somewhere (whether in-game, on the forums, or in a game manual/player’s guide) on how to find/utilize all it’s features and functions

First, it’s the PvP combat. Or, more specifically, who gets to face who in PvP combat. From a thread on the APB Reloaded forums:

QUOTE (CurlyQu @ May 29 2011, 10:51 AM) *
*CurlyQu learning APB through the tutorial*“Omg this is freaking awesome… wait WHAT?! It gets even BETTER with player vs player missions?! NO WAY!!! Wow I can’t wait to get out into the real action servers and have one of the best MMO experiences ever!!”*CurlyQu, and others, surrounded by scrubs who are carried by overpowered weapons*“Ah… and it was so promising.”New players, you have been warned. You are going to be killed over and over and over by people who use sniper rifles at short range and pistols from a mile away. I haven’t checked, but I’m sure you could just pay some real money and get carried but then you’d just be one of these scrubs I’m talking about… and we don’t want that, do we? D:

The tutorial was without a doubt the better part of the game for that simple fact… no one can afford any other weapons so you have people battling with skill instead of the pewpew firin mah lazer BLARRRRGGGHHH. Needless to say I was disappointed when I tried to join the tutorial instance after logging out for the first time, only to realize I would never again see the, dare I say, perfection, that was the tutorial.

Here ya go devs, I’ll make it simple.

1. Balance/remove weapons. Easy.


2. Create a system that will not have the low level, inexperienced players trying to do objectives in which the opposing force is able to stay at a distance and pewpew lazor @ players with their EYES, or on the opposite end of the spectrum, they all get within melee range and sniper rifle/smg spray (Whats the firing rate on those… 10 bullets a second?) you till you feel actual physical pain in the real world.

Now… DO THE ELEPHANT DANCE! elephantdance.gif elephantdance.gif elephantdance.gif elephantdance.gif 

Shame on me… I misspelled Bieber. Please have mercy!!

Yup, I had this happen in the first 2 missions I did. That’s not what I call a fun game. I call a fun game being pitted against other players of equal skill and a having roughly equal abilities. This was just a bunch of scrubs who paid cash for the right to be overpowered & pwn the n00bz.

Reeeeeal impressive. </sarcasm>

So much for F2P – it’s more like “free to get your ice handed to you every 3 seconds by guys with body armor & rocket launchers while all you get is a pistol and sweats.” Given enough time and patience, one could probably get slaughtered enough to go up a level, but I really am not clear on the death penalties of this game, if any. This is one of the only MMO games still on the market that I’ve seen that does not have level restrictions on who can fight who. This issue should have been addressed in closed beta, IMO. It’s not a matter of balancing the equipment; that’s all well balanced. It’s balancing the player-matching and the PvP matching. It’s who’s thrown against who that is f’ed up and pissing new players off.

Oh, and here’s my second major bitch about APB Reloaded: can ANYONE point me to something that tells me how to just f’ing change clothes? I’ve been trying for 3 days and nothing I click on or open does jack sh*t for actually changing my outfit. The lack of any kind of directions in how to use the interface for things that should be simple to do is royally pissing me off. There’s also little to know explanation as to what half the panels are for or how they work. I’ve found nothing. This is ridiculous; how can they tote such massive amounts of customization, but not tell new players how to even use it? I’ve already bought a t-shirt & jeans, but can’t frikkin put them on!

The PvP issues I could plow through; it’s this lack of any instructions on how to even use the game that is loosing me as a player.


There’s a new blog in town – put out an APB…

Welcome to my new blog; let’s get started 😉 I’ve been blogging with WordPress for a while now, and have 2 other blogs that get mediocre followings. Yay! I have followings! There are many thoughts Ive had on many different MMO games out there that I’ve played, not played and thought of playing that don’t get blogged about usually, so I decided it was time to make yet another one where I could vent my thoughts and opinions on THOSE subjects where nobody wants to hear them.

So here it is ^_^

Today I got access to the new APB Reloaded open beta. I’ll be blogging more about it as I get a better feel for the game, but my first initial impressions are mixed; remember, though, that these are impressions of the first day of Beta, and the game can still see lots of changes as it nears launch.

APB Reloaded had actually launched originally just as APB under a different publisher, but I don’t think it was F2P at the time. Short story is they folded quickly, and the servers were shut off. They were then bought by GamerFirst, who is now releasing it as a F2P title with a cash shop; I think they knew a cash-shop diamond mine when they saw it; smart move on their part.

The game is frikkin gorgeous, especially for a F2P game. There are a lot of customization options, and the graphics engine is absolutely stunning. The clothing options I’ve seen in ads and videos make me drool, and when I got in game, even the basic t-shirt and sweatpants I started with looked frikkin sweet. There’s style and weapon options galore, a lot of which need to be not just bought with in-game currency, but unlocked as you progress through the ranks.

The options for appearance can be pretty damn wild.The game seems simple enough, and the audio is pretty gorgeos – there is a first gripe in there, though. The voice-overs done for the mission NPCs is quite difficult to hear over the sounds of the rest of the game. There was an option in the settings menue to turn on subtitles, but after turning it on, I still could not see any subtitles. From what I understand, there was vital mission info being given by these VOs, and I was very irritated that I could barely make out the guys voice. The VOs overall were rather well performed for the most part, and I look forward to finding out just how much was done.

The gameplay was pretty standard for FPS fair, which surprised me pleasantly. I didn’t have time today to get into any actual firefights, so I’ll post an update post at a later date. The rest of the mission gameplay that I was able to play with was simple yet fun; I actually enjoyed hopping over fences, and the control layout felt pretty intuitive. Using the F key to perform actions with the environment came naturally after all my time playing STO.  There was a lot of the UI that I did get pretty confused by, and I have to say the tutorial was pretty disappointing in the lack of info it gave, especially of the UI.

So far, this game has a lot of potential, and is already off to a strong start. I’m curious to see how actual combat and missions play out, but I’ll have to dive into that later this week. Until next time, keep those dreams building.