Dreaming of a new Star Wars MMO future

I had a dream the other night of a new kind of Star Wars MMO. I wanna share the ideas from it here. Imagine a new kind of Star Was MMO with:

– higher graphics detail and art style like Guild Wars 2
– action combat like a mix of GW2, DCUO, Wildstar, and/or an improved/tweaked version of STO’s shooter mode
– simple but intuitive space combat for fighters like the videos seen of No Man’s Sky with optional capital ship combat like STO (Okay, I admit I haven’t played many space fighter sim games so any suggestions would be welcome)
– Inventory system similar to GW2
– resource gathering with features like GW2
– simple yet detailed crafting like a cross of GW2 and ESO
– an upgrade system like a cross of Champions Online and SWTOR
– player housing/communities like a mix of Wildstar, Shadowbane, SWG, and Rift
– involved personal stories like GW2 and SWTOR but with more depth, even in character creation
– built in Roleplayer tools like the WoW addon mod Total RP 2 (http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/totalrp2)
– Character appearance options like DCUO & GW2

What do you guys think? Would this make for an interesting Star Wars gaming experience?


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